Also review our Sportsbook Rules section and our Wager Limits section.

  1. Only one account allowed per person, family, household and IP address.
  2. Minimum wager is $1 online. For information on maximum wagers, please see our wager limits.
  3. Players must identify themselves by account number and password before obtaining odds, placing wagers, and/or verifying account balances.
  4. Account balances must be verified by the player on each visit to our website prior to wagering. When the player verifies and accepts their account balance, they agree all previous transactions are correct. All disputes and claims must be settled prior to making any additional wagers. Players must address all disputes and claims within seven days from the date of said wager.
  5. digitally records and archives all wagers. These recordings and archived records will be used only to resolve discrepancies. Recordings and archived records serve as the final determination of any dispute and all wagers adjusted accordingly.
  6. Wager Confirmations:
    All wagers are FINAL.
  7. reserves the right to add, delete or change house wagering rules or payoff odds.
  8. Nevada Gaming Commission rules apply to any wager or discrepancy not covered by the rules and regulations herein.
  9. The placing of wagers by anyone under the age of 18 is strictly prohibited.
  10. All sporting events must be played on the date and site as scheduled unless otherwise specified. Any event postponed, rescheduled or moved to another site will automatically constitute "No Action".
  11. When wagering on "totals", overtime periods are counted in final score unless otherwise specified.
  12. Overtime periods are counted in the second half score on halftime wagers unless otherwise specified.
  13. The home team is always listed as the bottom team unless otherwise specified.
  14. Wagers on quarters are for that quarter ONLY and DO NOT include overtime periods.
  15. reserves the right to rescind bonus money paid on referral accounts that are subsequently cancelled or suspended.
  16. The maximum a player may win in any given 24 hour period is $150,000 USD.
  17. will not disclose details of an individual's net winnings or losses. It is the player's responsibility to keep track of winnings and report them to the proper authorities when residing in a taxable jurisdiction.
  18. Termination of Agreement: The agreement between and a player may be terminated by the player at their request. If deemed necessary, reserves the right to revoke the agreement between the user and
  19. Confidentiality: All personal details of all users will be held in confidence unless users agree to their identities and details being used for future publicity purposes.
  20. reserves the right to limit or refuse any wager prior to its acceptance and/or the start of the event.  Any wager made without adequate funds will be voided.
  21. Liability:
    1. The decisions of management will be final and binding in all matters between and users.
    2. Laws regarding gaming vary throughout the world; it is the responsibility of players to ensure they understand and comply fully with any laws or regulations relevant to themselves in their own jurisdiction. All players must be at least 18 years of age.
    3. reserves the right to suspend or withdraw any game at its absolute discretion.
    4. is not liable for the cancellation of any game, regardless of the reason.
  22. cannot be held responsible for any computer, typing or human error when posting odds, lines or point spreads. However, in the case of obvious mechanical, technical or human error in the prices or conditions we publish, we reserve the right, at our discretion, to correct obvious errors and to No-Action your wager. In addition, is not liable in the following scenarios:
    1. In the event of an Act of God, including but not limited to natural disasters, explosion, theft, malicious damage, strike, lockout, industrial action, outbreak of hostilities, riot, civil disturbance or acts of terrorism.
    2. The failure of's computers, telecommunications or any other data transmission system that results in delays, errors, losses or omissions.
    3. and players shall not commit or purport to commit to rules or obligations other than those specifically provided by these Rules.
    4. accepts no liability for any damages caused to players by the interception or misuse of any information transmitted online
    5. These Rules constitute the entire agreement and understanding between and players. In the event of a discrepancy between the English language version of these rules and any other language version, the English language version will be deemed to be correct.
  23. All deposited funds must be wagered (rolled-over) 1x prior to withdrawal. Players who chose to withdraw prior to completing the required rollover will have their processing (deposit and withdrawal) fees removed before being paid. This policy allows to continue to pay fees for qualifying deposits.
  24. All Sporting Events will be settled in accordance with our wagering rules on the day they are completed. Any subsequent change in the result of an event due to any form of protest will not be considered for settlement. Las Vegas rules will apply for anything not mentioned in the points above.
  25. Customers are responsible to determine whether relevant services are permitted under the laws of their jurisdiction.

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Player Internet Rules

  1. Internet players confirm wagers by entering their password.
  2. All wagers are FINAL.
  3. will not and cannot be held liable for internet players' mistakes. It is the player's responsibility to check all pending wagers immediately after placing them online, as well as confirm them to ensure accuracy. If the wager is not in the pending bets file, the player does not have a wager and forgot to confirm it by entering the password. The player must re-enter the wager and confirm with the password to have a valid wager.
  4. Minimum online wager is $1.
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Bonus Rules

  1. Deposit bonuses are optional and must be requested by the player when making a deposit. Please enter the “promocode” for the bonus you want to use when you are making your deposit. For example, use promocode SB50 to receive a 50% sports bonus. Your bonus request will be assessed and, if your account is eligible for the bonus, it will be added to your account immediately.
  2. Other bonuses, such as casino and poker bonuses, are optional and must be requested by the player using the instructions provided in the terms of the each particular bonus.
  3. Upon acceptance of a bonus, player is deemed to have read and agreed to all terms, rules and requirements listed on this page.
  4. Player agrees not to request a withdrawal prior to meeting all stipulations, including rollover requirements.
  5. Minimum rollover requirement is defined as [deposit + fees + bonus] multiplied by [required rollover].
  6. The maximum bonus for first time depositors is $500, for re-deposits $1000. The minimum deposit is $25. Minimum deposits can change depending on the deposit method used.
  7. Other promotions are offered from time to time which require higher rollover requirements. These requirements must be adhered to prior to any withdrawal request.
  8. Bonuses are non-transferable and have no cash value; a bonus only gains cash value after all stipulations, including rollover requirements, are met.
  9. Re-Deposit Bonus Qualification:
    • Players Who Meet The Following Qualify for a Re-deposit Bonus (player must meet all requirements to qualify):
      • No existing bonus balance or pending freeplay in account;
      • Available balance (including pending wagers) is less than twice their average bet size over the last 90 days;
      • Player has not withdrawn more than half of their highest balance within the last 30 days;
    • Stipulations on Re-deposit Bonus:
      • If player has taken any withdrawal in the last 30 days, re-deposit bonus only applies to the amount exceeding the cumulative withdrawn amount during the last 30 days;
      • If any pattern of “recycling”, “churning” (defn. ‘money being withdrawn and redeposit in effort to accrue or profit from bonuses’) or “bonus arbitrage” (defn. ‘accounts being managed in an effort to accrue or profit from bonuses’) is detected, all bonuses and all winnings from said bonuses will be removed from account without notice.
  10. Bonuses are for recreational players. reserves the right to deny and/or cancel bonuses and/or winnings from said bonuses if management determines a player to be non-recreational, an arbitrage bettor, a scalper, a bonus arbitrager, or part of a syndicate – without further explanation.
  11. reserves the right to take away any bonus at any time without explanation.
  12. Players that accept a bonus and do not wager any portion of the bonus, may request a withdrawal and have the bonus removed from their account.
  13. Prior to accepting any bonus, make sure you understand and agree to all policies. If you have any questions regarding our policies email Player Services department at [email protected]

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Free Play Rules

  1. Free Plays can only be wagered on:
  • MLB Major League Baseball
  • NHL
  1. Free Plays can be used only in the Sportsbook on straight bets, parlays and teasers (no round robins).
  2. No point-buying is allowed.
  3. Free Plays lose when a push or tie results.
  4. Free plays do not expire.
  5. Free plays can only be wagered online via the website or the mobile site. Free play wagers cannot be made through the call center.
  6. All free plays are subject to a minimum 6x rollover requirement or greater based on the terms and conditions of the particular promotion, no exceptions.
  7. It is only the amount that you win from the free play that gets added to your account balance.
  8. The maximum winnings from any single wagered free play bonus is $5,000 or $5,000 cumulative from multiple free play bonus wagers from the same bonus.

NOTE: Unless otherwise specified by an Player Services Representative, when you receive a bonus for making a deposit you must roll over the amount you deposited (plus any fees that may have covered), plus the Free Play bonus the specified amount of times. Wagers placed using Free Play do not qualify toward rollover calculation.

For example, if you deposit $1000 and your fees are $15, will credit your account the full $1015 + $250 Free Play Deposit Bonus. So, if you have a ten-time rollover assigned for that deposit bonus, you must roll the entire amount (e.g. $1015 + free play) ten times. Thus, to receive a payout without forfeiting anything you won from your bonus, you must first cover the rollover amount (e.g. $1015 + Free Play times ten).

When calculating "rollover", we use the lower of the risk/reward value as the effective value. For example, if you bet $500 on Team A to win $450, and you bet $400 on Team B to win $350, and you bet $250 on Team C to win $50, the total action applied toward fulfilling the rollover requirement would be $850 ($450 + $350 + $50).

Also, should you accept the Free Play and lose with it or choose not to use it, the Free Play Bonus will still be deducted at the time a payout is requested unless the rollover requirement is met.

There is no hold time or expiration for these bonuses and rollovers, so you may meet the requirements as quickly or as slowly as you wish. Sportsbook bonuses can be rolled over in the Sportsbook only; no play in the casino or in the race book will count towards rollover. The same goes toward Casino Bonuses, which must be rolled over in the Casino.


Parlay Rules

All parlays will pay up to a maximum of $150,000. However, the maximum amount a player can win in a 24hour period is $150,000.
When selecting a parlay you may not play both sides of the same game at If you play both sides of the same game, any winning wagers on the game will be canceled.

In a parlay, you may not play both sides of the same game at If you play both sides of the same game, any winning wagers on the game will be canceled.


Proposition bets/futures cannot be included in parlays.

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Cashier Rules

Deposit Rules
  1. Company or corporate credit or charge cards cannot be used for deposits.
  2. The name on a credit card MUST match the name on the account for a credit card deposit to be accepted.
  3. Book-to-Book transfers are permitted on accounts where two or more withdrawals have been sent to the name listed on the account.
  4. If any deposit is returned, charged-back, or deemed fraudulent in any way it will result in the forfeiture of any/all winnings, bonuses, or remaining positive balance in the account.
  5. When a player chooses to deposit via credit card, debit card or gift card s/he will be responsible for reimbursing the company 6.5% of the total amount processed at the time of deposit.
  6. Customers attempting to make a credit card deposit from a ‘Black Listed’ jurisdiction will not be permitted to do so.

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Payout Rules

Payouts may be requested at any time online via the cashier.

  1. Please allow 24 hours for your payout request to be reviewed before the processing time begins.
  2. Players are entitled to one $50.00 discount every 30 days, on the method of their choice. In order to qualify for the discount, the payout request must be submitted on a Friday. Additionally, while making the payout request, the player must specify that he/she would like to take advantage of the $50.00 discount. Only players who have fulfilled any applicable rollover requirements are eligible for the discount.
  3. Payouts requests are processed Monday through Friday, between 9:00 a.m. ET to 1:00 p.m. ET, excluding holidays.
  4. No third-party payouts are allowed.
  5. Your payout will be processed using the same method used for deposit if the option is available; however reserves the right to use alternative methods for payouts if necessary, regardless of the deposit method used to fund the account.
  6. If making credit card deposits, please note credit card documentation will be requested. This documentation is:

          -   Signed and completed authorization form
          -   Valid photo ID
          -    Copies of the front and back of all cards used to deposit on your account
          -   If the address on your photo ID is different to the address registered to your Sportsbetting account we will also require a utility bill or bank statement dated within the last 3 months confirming the address you have registered to your SportsBetting account.

    Additional documentation may be required at management discretion. All the documentation required must be sent before 1:00 p.m. ET for the payout to be processed the same day.

    Please note that players depositing via credit card, debit card or prepaid card are required to wait a minimum of seven business days from their last deposit prior to requesting a withdrawal.

  7. Bank Wire instructions must be provided in the cashier every time you request a payout through this method.
  8. If a check deposit was made, requires 21 business days as per the clearance time before a payout can be requested.
  9. Max payout per day depends on the specific payout method being used. Minimum and maximum payouts are subject to change without notice.
  10. Freeplays must be used prior to requesting a payout otherwise the payout will be cancelled.
  11. Only one Bank Wire and/or Check payout can be processed per week (every 7 days) per player.
  12. Payouts will only be sent to the address on file. If a player wishes to change their address, they must send a utility bill under their name with their new address. If the bills are under a third party's name, the player must first send and sign a letter of authorization stating that they live at that address. The player must also send a copy of a picture ID of the person the new address is registered under. The player then needs to send these documents via email, using the same email address used to register their account, to [email protected]
  13. Checks cannot be sent to P.O. Box addresses.
  14. Players who generate winnings from a poker freeroll and have no previous deposit are required to make a minimum deposit and roll this over at least once in the sportsbook prior to any payout being approved.
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Poker Rules

  1. Abusive or Offensive Language.
  2. English is the only language that permits players to speak on the poker tables. reserves the right to disable chat privileges of the player either temporarily or permanently in our sole and absolute discretion. Discussing cards discarded or hand possibilities, real or not, is contrary to our rules. Abusive or offensive language in the multi-player games, chat areas or with’s staff is contrary to our rules.

    Any violation of this policy may result in a suspension of playing privileges or any other action as deemed necessary by to ensure compliance. Abusive or offensive language may be, but is not limited to any player statements that are in's sole opinion, obscene, profane, racist, in bad taste, slanderous, unnecessarily hostile, or contrary to the purpose of the chat function. For any other rule inquiries please contact the Poker Support team at [email protected].

  3. Any players who gain, or attempt to gain an advantage by trading information about their playing cards, or attempt to take any unfair advantage by colluding with other players will face a permanent ban from If we determine that such activity is occurring, the accounts involved – at our sole discretion – will be permanently closed and all account balances (including both deposits and any winnings) shall be forfeited.

    We employ various strategies and procedures of a manual and automated nature to rigorously exam and detect such behavior. Constant monitoring takes place to limit the behavior. In addition to this, we thoroughly investigate all player complaints to rule out any form of cheating or collusion. Collusion includes, without limitation: sharing information about their cards, chip dumping, discussing a hand during play (both in client chat and/or externally), multiple players are using a single account, use of a proxy, soft playing and chip transferring. For any other rule inquiries please contact the Poker Support team at [email protected].

    Suspension, Modification, Removal and Addition of Games.
  4. reserves the right to suspend, modify, remove and/or add any poker game in its sole discretion and without notice. In the event of such suspension, modification, removal or addition of any poker game for any reason, will not be liable in any way to you. For any other rule inquiries please contact the Poker Support team at [email protected].
    Blocking tables.
  5. Players may not, at any time, sit out at the poker tables with the intention of not playing or to prevent others from playing. The act of blocking tables is strictly forbidden by SportsBetting Poker Management.

    Any player who is found to be in violation of this rule will be punished with account suspension or any other punishment as seen fit by SportsBetting Poker Management. To query an account suspension or report any instances of this offence happening at the tables, please get in touch with [email protected]

  6. No rake is taken before the flop in Hold'em and Omaha and no rake will be taken from uncalled pots.

    Rake is only taken from money that has been matched by at least one player in the pot i.e. if one player raises $60 and another makes an all-in call with $20, rake will only be taken from the $40 that is matched by both players.

    The "Rake" is the percentage of the pot that goes to the house. uses a fixed schedule for its rake, based on the table limit and number of seats.

    Pot Limit and No Limit Tables (Hold’em and Omaha)

    Stakes: $0.01/$0.02 to $0.03/$0.06:
    Table Size Rake per Pot Max Rake
    Heads-up (2-max) $0.01 per $0.18 $0.25
    4-max and larger $0.01 per $0.18 $0.50
    Stakes: $0.05/$0.10:
    Table Size Rake per Pot Max Rake
    Heads-up (2-max) $0.01 per $0.18 $0.50
    4-max and larger $0.01 per $0.18 $1
    Stakes: $0.10/$0.25 to $0.25/$0.50:
    Table Size Rake per Pot Max Rake
    Heads-up (2-max) $0.01 per $0.18 $1
    4-max and larger $0.01 per $0.18 $2
    Stakes: $0.50/$1 and larger:
    Table Size Rake per Pot Max Rake
    Heads-up (2-max) $0.01 per $0.18 $1.50
    4-max and larger $0.01 per $0.18 $3

    Limit Tables (Hold’em and Omaha)

    Stakes: $0.02/$0.04 to $0.10/$0.20:
    Table Size Rake per Pot Max Rake
    Heads-up (2-max) $0.01 per $0.18 $0.25
    4-max and larger $0.01 per $0.18 $0.50
    Stakes: $0.25/$0.50 to $1.50/$3:
    Table Size Rake per Pot Max Rake
    Heads-up (2-max) $0.01 per $0.18 $0.50
    4-max and larger $0.01 per $0.18 $1
    Stakes: $2/$4 to $3/6:
    Table Size Rake per Pot Max Rake
    Heads-up (2-max) $0.01 per $0.18 $1
    4-max and larger $0.01 per $0.18 $2
    Stakes: $4/$8 and larger:
    Table Size Rake per Pot Max Rake
    Heads-up (2-max) $0.01 per $0.18 $1.50
    4-max and larger $0.01 per $0.18 $3 reserves the right to change this rake structure at any time.


Comp points or VIP Points are earned by contributing to real money raked hands and buying in to tournaments.

Raked Hands:For every cent that you contribute to the rake, you'll earn 1 COMP Point.


If 5 people are playing at a table, and each person contributes to the pot evenly and the total pot is $50, then each player would have contributed $10 to the pot. Using the example of rake at 5%, each person would have put 50 cents into the rake. You earn 1 COMP Point per cent in the rake. Therefore, 50 cents into the rake would earn you 50 COMP Points.

Tournament Play:For every $1 you pay in tournament fees, you will earn 100 COMP Points. Tournament COMP is calculated in $1 increments (rounded down). In order to earn COMP from tournaments the fee must equal or exceed $1.

You can view your current COMP/VIP points balance in the top right of your poker software.

COMP points are added from the moment you begin playing real money games on the poker tables. On occasion, they may take up to 24 hours to reflect in your account.

Sportsbetting reserves the right to change the rules of the COMP/VIP points program at any time and without notice.

We designed the COMP Points program to reward our players. Sportsbetting reserves the right to withhold or deduct COMP points from any player found to be abusing the program in any way. COMP points are not transferable between player accounts.

COMP points accrue from April 1st to March 31st each year. COMP accrued in each COMP year remains valid until June 30th of the next COMP year. At the end of the COMP year, all COMP points expire.

Sit N Go Tournaments

A Sit n Go tournament is one with 2-18 players that starts immediately after the required number of players for that particular tournament is satisfied.

Each player begins the tournament with the exact same amount of chips. There are both Limit and No Limit Hold’em Sit n Go tournaments. Play continues until one player has all of the chips. When this occurs, the prizes are awarded according to the prize payout for that particular tournament..



  1. Any player is eligible to enter into a Sit n Go tournament, providing they are able to pay the buy-in.
  2. All Sit n Go tournaments are played until 1 player has all of the chips.
  3. All Sit n Go tables will begin 30 seconds after the final person has registered.
  4. The button determines which players begin posting blinds in the tournament.
  5. does not permit soft play. Each player should play with the same intensity against all other players.
  6. There will be no breaks, all Poker tournaments continue until one player holds all the chips.
  7. When a player loses all their chips they are out of the tournament and finish in the order they were eliminated. Example: In a 10-player tournament if you are the third player eliminated, you are declared as finishing in 8th place.
  8. If more than one player is eliminated in the same hand, the player with the most chips before the hand started finishes higher. In the case where both players also have the same amount of chips before the hand, both players will tie for the position. If there is a tie between two or more players, the prizes they qualify for are split evenly between all tied players. For example, if two players tie for 2nd place, each player receives 50% of the second place prize and 50% of the third place prize.

Special Bonuses

From time to time will offer special bonuses to players in the form of entries to selected tournaments or cash. By accepting any special bonuses from, players accept that they will be required to rake the bonus – by playing real money cash games - in its entirety before requesting any cash outs. Should a player make use of any part of the bonus, they will be required to rake the entire bonus.

Reload Bonuses occasionally offers reload bonuses to players. In order to claim a bonus, players are required to follow the instructions given for each particular bonus. Should a player not comply with rules of the bonus they are ineligible and thus forfeit the poker reload bonus. Unless otherwise stated, all poker reload bonuses will be released in stages. To release a stage, players are required to play real money games to earn COMP points. The required COMP points for each bonus/stage will vary depending on the specific bonus on offer.

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Live Casino Rules

1. Each game contains a “How to Play” tab which provides instructions on how to play the game and a “Pay Table” tab which contains details of the return to player. You agree to be bound by the rules, terms and conditions set out therein.

2. In the event of human misdeals or a technical problem of any kind, all hands will be void and the original bets will be returned to players.

3. In the event that you lose connectivity or time out during the live game, any bets you have made will remain in play as they would in a land based casino resulting in a win, loss, or push. Failure to respond within the allotted time for any reason will result in your hand being completed according to the optimal player strategy known as Basic Strategy. Completing a hand which has lost connectivity or timed out is done in the player’s best interest and to serve those back betting on the hand.

4. When back betting you are subject to the decisions made by the player sitting in the main seat. You are not entitled to a reimbursement if you do not agree with the decision(s) the player in the main seat selects.

5. Professional card counters are prohibited.  If you are found to be a professional card counter, your account is subject to immediate closure and further action will be taken, if deemed necessary by management.

6. Any issues or inactivity by other players at your table will not affect your result, nor will it warrant any reimbursements.

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