NFL Betting Tutorial

NFL Betting Tutorial

With the highest average attendance (68,400) of any U.S. sport, football is the premier betting sport in America. If you’re new to NFL betting and would like to wager on America’s most-popular sport, then keep reading to find out everything you need to know in terms of available bets and tips.

Types of Bets

More so than any major American sport, football draws most of its action from point spreads. But as with any other game, you’ll also see a fair amount of action placed on other types of wagers too. You can see more on each type below:

Spread Betting

The spread assigns the favorite and underdog a point total that they must cover in the game. Here’s an example:

New Orleans Saints +6.5
Atlanta Falcons -6.5

In this example, the favored Falcons must win by 7 points or more for a successful wager. The underdog Saints must lose by 6 points or less (or win) for a successful bet. Also note that the top team is always the visitor, while the bottom team is playing at home.


The moneyline is a straight-up bet on which team will win a game. In order to even out action on both sides of the line, sportsbooks attach odds to the favorite and underdog. Here’s an example:

New York Jets +270
New England Patriots -320

If you bet $320 on the favored Patriots, you stand to win a $100 profit. If you wager $100 on the underdog Jets, you stand to win $270.

Totals (Over/Under)

The totals line is a bet on whether two teams will combine for more or less than the given point line. See the following example:

Seattle Seahawks Over 44.5
L.A. Rams Under 44.5

If you bet the over, you need the Rams and Seahawks to score 45 points or more together so you can win. When taking the under, you need both teams to score 44 points or less.

Prop Bets

Prop bets are based on outcomes that don’t involve the final score of the game. These are especially common during the Super Bowl, where millions of bettors are looking for side action. Here are a few prop bet examples:

  • Coin Toss: Heads -105/ Tails -105
  • First player to score a touchdown.
  • Will player X rush for over/under X amount of yards?
  • Will player X pass for over/under X amount of yards?
  • Will either defense score a touchdown?


A parlay sees you pick the result of one or more point spreads/moneylines in a combined bet. If one of your picks loses, then the entire wager loses. But the upside is that you can win larger payouts when your parlay is successful.

Here’s a standard parlay paytable:

# of Teams Payout Payout for $10 Bet
2 Teams 13.5 $26.00
3 Teams 6/1 $60.00
4 Teams 10/1 $100.00
5 Teams 25/1 $250.00
6 Teams 40/1 $400.00
7 Teams 75/1 $750.00
8 Teams 150/1 $1,500.00
9 Teams 300/1 $3,000.00
10 Teams 700/1 $7,000.00
11 Teams 1,100/1 $11,000.00


Teasers are like parlays, except that you can buy extra points on a total or point spread. You can then use these points to adjust the lines on each game.

Here’s an example: the New York Giants have a -7 spread, and the Pittsburgh Steelers have a -11 spread. You buy a two-team, 7-point teaser, which allows you to adjust the Giants to -1 and the Steelers to -4 on a -120 moneyline.

The reduced point spreads sound generous, but the drawback is that, like a parlay, all of your picks must win. Here’s a table that shows what to expect from teasers:

# of Teams 6 Points 6.5 Points 7 Points
2 -120 moneyline -130 -140
3 +155 +135 +120
4 +250 +225 +195
5 +400 +375 +325
6 +550 +500 +475
7 +800 +700 +600

Live Wagering

Another way to bet on the NFL is through live wagering. Live bets see you wager on outcomes after a game has already started.

NFL Betting Tips

Tip #1: Jump on Lines as Early as Possible – The NFL gives you an entire week to bet on games (except Thursday Night Football). That said, you should scout prospective bets when lines are released at your favorite sportsbook so you can find the most value.

Tip #2: Use Odds Calculators to Spot Trends – You can find odds calculators and software across the internet, both of which let you compile statistics in an effort to find trends. This is especially helpful when you have a specific bet in mind, and you enter the exact conditions of the upcoming game.

Tip #3: Don’t Overreact to Weather on Totals – Oftentimes a rainy or snowy game leads the masses to wager on the under. But before jumping on the bandwagon, remember that defensive players also have trouble getting their footing on a messy field.

Super Bowl Betting

The Super Bowl is the pinnacle of the NFL season and has become an international affair. Not only does the Super Bowl draw lots of point spread and moneyline bets, but it’s also a hotbed for unique prop bets and live wagers.

The prop bets allow you to wager on everything from how many times a player’s nickname will be said during the telecast, to what hat a halftime performer will wear. This being said, it’s definitely worth checking out the available Super Bowl bets at when late January rolls around.

NFL Betting at

To bet on the NFL at, you first need to create an account and put funds in it. You can quickly sign up through the SportsBetting homepage, and the Cashier tab is also available here.

Once your account is set up and funded, click the Sportsbook tab, then find Football on the left-hand side. This brings up a list of available lines that you can click and add to your betting slip. Also note that the homepage offers a Live Betting tab that allows you to make live wagers