MLB Betting Tutorial

MLB Betting Tutorial

Many believe that Major League Baseball offers one of the easiest opportunities to make money in sports betting. The reason why is because there are so many games throughout the season that you can find good value in some lines. Of course, before you can make serious money with baseball betting, it’s important to understand how the process works. That said, let’s look at the different bets you can make, tips on baseball betting, and discuss how you can place baseball wagers at

Types of Bets

The unique thing about baseball betting is its run line, which combines point spreads and moneylines. In order to explain how a run line works, we’ll discuss the moneyline and spread first, and also cover other major types of baseball wagers.

Moneyline – The most-popular MLB bet is the moneyline, which is a simple wager on which team will win. In order to even out action on the favorite and underdog, odds are attached to each team. Here’s a sample moneyline: Cincinnati Reds +170 vs. Chicago Cubs -200. In this line, you’d win $100 for every $200 bet on the favored Cubs, and $170 for every $100 wagered on the underdog Reds.

Spread – Common in football and basketball, the spread also comes into play in the MLB. With a spread bet, the favorite is trying to win by a certain amount, while the underdog is trying to avoid losing by a certain amount or win. Here’s an example: San Diego Padres +1.5 vs. L.A. Dodgers -1.5. The Dodgers need to win by 2 or more runs to cover the spread and win a bet, while the Padres must lose by 1 run, or win the game, for a successful wager.

Run Line – As mentioned before, the run line combines the point spread and moneyline. Here’s a sample run line: Texas Rangers -1.5 (+180) vs. Anaheim Angels +1.5 (-210). The Angels are the underdog, but given that they can lose by 1 run and still result in a successful bet, you only win $100 for every $210 risked on Anaheim. Most often, the run line is expressed in terms of 1.5, but you’ll occasionally see lines with 2.5 or 3.5 spreads.

Totals (Over/Under) – Totals set a line for how many runs will be scored in a game, and you either bet over or under this amount. For instance, if the totals line is set at 8.5, the over bettors win if the two teams combine to score more than 8.5 runs. The under bettors win if the two teams score less than this amount.

Parlays – A parlay is a wager where you choose two or more winners, and they’re all combined into a single bet. If any team in your parlay loses/fails to cover the run line, then your bet is a loser. The trade-off is that parlays offer a large payout for a small wager. The more teams you choose in your parlay, the higher the potential payoff.

First Five Innings – Some games offer separate bets that cover the first five innings of a game. This is a popular way to bet because it largely avoids dealing with the uncertainty of the bullpen, and if the home team gets to bat in the bottom of the ninth inning.

MLB Live Wagering – Want to place bets after a game has already started? Live wagering gives you the chance to make a number of bets after the first pitch is thrown.

MLB Futures – Futures let you bet on future outcomes, such as which MLB team will win the World Series.

MLB Betting Tips

Tip #1: Limit Your Focus – The best way to become an MLB betting expert is by learning 1-2 teams really well. The more you watch a team throughout the season, the bigger advantage you’ll have against people who randomly choose games to wager on.

Tip #2: Understand Baseball’s Parity – Unlike the NFL and NBA, there’s not as much distance between the best and worst baseball teams. This means that you can often find value in MLB underdogs.

Tip #3: Study Pitcher vs. Hitter History – Starting pitchers have certain batters that they either struggle or excel against. And the more you know about how a starting pitcher fares against batters from the opposing lineup, the closer you are to making a good bet.

Tip #4: Watch for Trends with Run Lines – A good combination to look for when betting run lines is a starting pitcher on the favored team who’s been throwing really well, versus an opposing batting lineup that’s struggling.

Tip #5: Know that Historic/Famous Teams are Overvalued – Famed teams like the Boston Red Sox, Chicago Cubs, and New York Yankees have both history and big fan bases on their side. And this means that you can often find value betting against them as sportsbooks inflate these teams’ lines.

MLB Betting at

The best way to get started with MLB is SportsBetting is by creating an account. Our homepage offers different links that direct you to the registration section, and you just need to fill out a few details. Once your account is created, you can visit our Banking section and make a deposit using one of the many available methods.

When your account is created and funded, either visit our Sportsbook or Live Wagering section to bet on the MLB. In the Sportsbook, you need to select Baseball, then MLB from the left-hand section. In the Live Wagering area, you just need to scroll down to Baseball and view the available in-play bets.

You can click on any prospective wager you wish to make, and it’ll show up in your bet slip. Once you confirm your bet(s), you’ll be ready to win!